Here you will find all the staff in the school who work with students. Meet your teachers and Support staff! 

Joy Starr- Director of Education for PPK Cree Nation 


Mrs. Sheri Merasty- Front Office Admin. 

Here you will all of the Staff that work with students in our School! Browse to find your teacher!

Mr. David Still- Principal 

Pre-K & Kindergarten Teacher- Mrs. Ali Nanai 

Grade 1 & 2 Teacher- Mr. David Beck 

Grade 2 & 3 Teacher- Miss. Crystal Starr

Grade 4 & 5 Teacher- Miss. Denise Kitchemonia 

Grade 6 & 7 Teacher- Miss. Holley Rope 

Grade 8 & 9 Teacher- Mrs. Connie Bear

Highschool Teacher- Mrs. Vera Tourangeau 

Highschool Math and Science Teacher- Mr. Dennis Suehwold 

Highschool Teacher- Mrs. Jessica Kitchemonia

Our Amazing Educational Assistants: 

Pictured above (left to right) 
-Top Row:  Gage Starr, Lynn Kurek, Sheraine Eashappie
-2nd Row:Errol Keewatin, Taryn Agecoutay, Tessa Starr
– 3rd Row: Cameron Pinay, Shelanda Pinay, Jenna Koochicum 
– 4th Row: Amy Desnomie

Cree Teacher- Patricia Dieter

Pictured Above: (Left to Right) 

First Row: Lianne Bird (LRT) , Shasta Hanna (Elementary Specialist) , Christopher (Guy) Bird (Land Based Learning Teacher)

2nd Row: Dal Dammann (Speech and Language Pathologist), Jan Koochicum (Librarian) 

Maintenance, Janitors, Cooking Staff: 

Pictured Left to Right: 

Top Row: Doug McKay (Maintenance), Colton Keewatin (Maintenance), Dana Desnomie (Cook)

Second Row: April Desnomie (Janitorial), Jackie Dieter (Janitorial) 

Bus Drivers: 

Pictured Left to Right: 

  • Sherri Desnomie, Brian Desnomie, Gilbert Keewatin
  • Marcel Starr, Albert Dieter